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However, in the era of rapid change, R & D and innovation require us to have the ability to adapt to constant change. Although the innovation of basic engineering technology can guarantee the performance, cost and efficiency of products, with the market's perspective, demand and preference are constantly changing, and the whole life cycle of new products is becoming shorter and shorter, and the market has a high price Sensitivity, R & D and innovation have gained a huge living space, which makes the selectivity of each category increase at an amazing speed. At the same time, it causes product homogeneity, copycat, lack of core, unable to meet the market demand. At the same time, the success rate of R & D and innovation is only 1 / 1700. R & D and innovation are facing opportunities and huge challenges.

Our R & D institutions and personnel, according to the unlimited challenges of market reality or potential demand, pursue the spirit of R & D and innovation, and face the reality of high failure rate, through the production of product creativity, product concept formation, product market research, product design, product realization, product development, product testing, quality management, product release and continuous change In the whole process of complexity and tediousness. In order to achieve the goal of "I have, I'm superior, I'm inexpensive"  we constantly challenge ourselves to meet the purpose of creating value, meeting and exceeding customer demand, and contribute our strength to the reasonable profit of resources