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Why do we insist on using Toray Pre-preg Carbon Fiber Cloth?

Jan. 04, 2022

Why do we insist on using Toray Pre-preg Carbon Fiber Cloth?

We have received the price increase notice from Toray carbon raw material suppliers, so our product prices have been adjusted accordingly. Some customers will ask why my other suppliers in China have not raised their prices yet, just you. 

Today, I feel it is very necessary to share with our customers

The circle of carbon fiber bike manufacturers in China is not big, and we all know each other. In China, only a few high-quality Taiwan factories insist on using Toray carbon fiber. WORKSWELL is one of the very few factories in China mainland that insist on using Toray carbon fiber. This is an indisputable fact. More importantly, the carbon pre-preg  we use belongs to SK of Toray control company, and is one of the few superior quality products in the market.

Why do we choose and insist using Toray & SK materials? Because we want to make premium products, but we evaluate that we are unable to make our own pre-preg carbon cloth exceed that of Toray & SK, hence, we use Toray & SK materials.

Why haven't others raised their prices? Because Toray is the main leader of the market, under normal circumstances, the price of carbon raw materials in Toray rises first, and the price of other types of carbon cloth rises two or three months later, and the price rise range is not as large as that of Toray.

So, we are facing great choices and challenges. Facing the facts that only a handful of factories use SK&Toray carbon cloth, and 98% of suppliers use other brands carbon cloth or China domestic carbon cloth, which means that 98% of suppliers may not raise prices, so they can get more customers, then we will face the crisis that because of our price increase, some customers may choose cheaper suppliers. Because they will think that although the products they bought from other suppliers are not made of Toray, there is no problem with the quality. This is also a reality. At our 2021 summing up meeting, the heads of our different departments expressed their own views on this reality. While everyone's ideas were actually the same, that is, although the reality is difficult, we should also choose the road that no one takes. For it is actually related to a long-term development issue. We adhere to our quality first policy, and we are not willing to take risks to reduce product quality stability to save costs.

Is the choice of raw materials really so important? Yes, absolutely extremely important! 

Although after raw materials are made into finished products, the quality is invisible and non-dominant, and the finished products will be finally sold in painting, so people can't see the effect of raw materials on quality, but as a matter of fact, only the quality of finished frames made of Toray is high-end and above all is the most stable, I don't think I need to say more about how important quality stability is. More importantly, our testing standards are higher than most of our peers. After our development and test verification, the product can most stably pass our internal test by using Toray SK on the same weight, which double determines that we must and can only use Toray carbon cloth. That's why we still insist on using Toray pre-preg carbon cloth. Our position is doomed to be different from everyone. We will never ever compromise to quality.

Although our frames are not directly sold to individuals, they are finally used by individuals. Whether the product is sold in the market at a relatively high price or a relatively low price, in the face of safety, life is equal, there is no distinction between lowliness and nobleness. This is the fundamental reason why we should ensure the stability of quality from the source of raw materials.

Take the difficult but correct road, time will give us the answer!