Company Profile

  • 30000

    Factory building area

  • 30


    Production management experience

  • 20


    Design and development experience

  • 80


    Digital chemical factory

  • PASS



Workswell Bikes is a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer specializing in the design, R&D, and production of carbon fiber products. The enterprise has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, with a floor area of 30000 square meters and approximately 200 staff.  

The core technical team has over 20 years of experience in carbon fiber product design and R&D, selecting Toray carbon pre-preg materials, possessing carbon fiber molding technology and silicon rubber molding composite molding technology; Bladder, EPS, PU+EPS, PU+blow molding and other pneumatic forming technologies; Air pressure molding composite molding technology; Vacuum tank forming technology; Advanced carbon fiber production technologies such as monocoque non glued frame composite molding technology. According to the requirements of market demand, based on ISO CEN, we continuously adjust and improve other non-standard testing projects within our factory, and conduct strict standard testing for both standard and non-standard testing projects to improve the strength of our products. 


The core management team has over 30 years of carbon fiber production management technology. We have systematically designed and established a set of raw material supplier management, design and development management, forming, processing, painting, and other carbon fiber products throughout the entire process of inspection, control, feedback, tracking, and improvement of quality, progress, and other projects before production, during production, and after production. We also carry out systematic data management to ensure the optimal achievement of quality, delivery time, and other aspects.


We are committed to focusing on market demand, based on customer positioning, not going for status quo, continuously improving quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, striving to provide premium products and services that meet and exceed customer needs. 


Business scope: Design, develop, produce, and provide the main load-bearing components and other carbon fiber components of road racing bikes, city bikes, gravel bikes, cross-country bikes, shock-absorbing cross-country bikes, timing bikes, triathlon bikes, rock climbing bikes, street climbing bikes, and various types of E-bikes with high strength and light weight requirements.


90% of our products are mainly sold to the European and American markets. 


So far, we have maintained long-term and good strategic cooperation relationships with many mainstream renowned brands both domestically and internationally.