WRC-1055 carbon fiber frame

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Type:MTB Fork
Size at headset: Φ39.8 match with 1-1 /2" 
headsetSize at fork crown:Φ56
Offset: 51
Matching tires: 29*3.0" maximum

The carbon fiber frame is a cutting-edge engineering marvel, renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber composites, it offers unparalleled rigidity and resilience, making it the ideal choice for performance-driven applications across various industries. Its lightweight nature ensures enhanced maneuverability and efficiency, while its sleek aesthetic appeals to modern design sensibilities.

Engineered for superior durability, the carbon fiber frame promises long-lasting performance without compromising on weight. Its unique weave and reinforced construction provide a sturdy foundation that resists wear and tear, ensuring optimal functionality over time. Whether used in sports equipment, automotive designs, or aerospace components, this frame guarantees reliability and endurance.

Incorporating the latest advancements in material science, the carbon fiber frame is a testament to innovation and sophistication. Its ability to withstand high-stress environments and maintain structural integrity under extreme conditions makes it a top contender in high-performance sectors. With its corrosion-resistant properties and low thermal expansion, this frame offers peace of mind and unwavering stability in even the most challenging scenarios.