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Mountain bike in a kind of suspension with various shapes in the market, but we hope to have a high-quality XC suspension mountain bike, which is simple, light and not fragile, agile and not complicated. In terms of operation, it is flexible and not slow. WCB-M-145 has undertaken such a mission. Suspension mountain bike designer adopts the basic concept of hexagon with the best conduction and retention force, and the rib on the shape is the visual communication, which expresses the concept of both comfort and strength. Excellent handling and riding texture characteristics are created in performance. Therefore, the designer further adopts the design of light weight modeling and the application of asymmetric design to achieve high rigidity in the frame part, and selects the conventional matching of 1-1 / 8 upper and 1-1 / 2 lower headset to improve the convenience and low cost of maintenance in the use process. The application of asymmetric design to achieve high rigidity, and light weight modeling design + minimum link points to ensure light weight, ensure performance and reduce the loss of strength. In terms of technology, we chose EPS technology of internal model to reduce the probability of mistakes and provide more security for your XC riding.


Material:  Toray Pre-preg

Include: Frame

Headset size:top 1-1/8 down 1-1/2




Rear shock size:185*50mm (travel: 102mm) 

Front travel:100mm

Rear travel:102mm 

Rear Hanger:148*12mm

Brake Type: Disc Brake (rear 160mm /180mm rotor)

Max Tire:29*2.3"

Single Crankset Max teeth 36T

Test: ISO

Warranty: 2 years